5 Surprising Carbon Fiber Products

In 1958 scientists outside of Cleveland Ohio invented the ultra-durable substance of carbon fiber. Since that day carbon fiber has been made into a variety of unique products.

Carbon fiber products are light and durable. They have revolutionized the automotive, tech, sports, and defense industries among many others.

What can carbon fiber be used for? Pretty much anything, but these five surprising carbon fiber products will blow your mind.

1. Tech Gadgets

The tech-centric world we live in revolves around breakthrough tech gadgets. Unfortunately, many of these gadgets tend to be easy to break. Tech gadgets display versatility in carbon fiber products.

Products such as the carbon fiber phone case keep them safe. That way if you drop your phone, its shock-absorbing carbon fiber exterior will prevent it from shattering into a thousand pieces.

Carbon fiber has given much more to the tech world than phone cases. Entire laptops incorporate carbon fiber into their design. Nothing says sleek and durable than a 3D-folded carbon fiber Laptop.

As the tech gadgets we hold dear continue to evolve, many of their iterations will incorporate carbon fiber. It is a strong and aesthetically pleasing design element.

2. Musical Instruments

Carbon fiber instruments have great acoustic qualities and also look very professional. Nothing catches the eye like the shiny black surface of a carbon fiber violin shimmering under the bright lights.

In addition to looking and sounding amazing, carbon fiber instruments are much more durable than their counterparts made of conventional materials.

3. Carbon Fiber Products for Extreme Sports

Extreme sports like surfing, skiing, and snowboarding are fast becoming the leisure activities of choice for the young and ultra-wealthy. The benefits of carbon fiber technology are clear in their choice of top-end equipment.

Top-of-the-line surfboards, snowboards, skis, and skateboards all incorporate carbon fiber into their designs. This is because it enhances their performance and durability.

These carbon fiber products are very expensive when compared to conventional equipment. Their existence is a testament to how carbon fiber provides a luxurious appeal to top-level enthusiasts.

4. Cycling Products

For those more interested in cardio sports, carbon fiber bicycles are the upper echelon of cycling equipment. These pieces of equipment are ideal for long-range cycles or road bikes.

Carbon fiber produces a lightweight and durable piece of equipment. Professional-grade cyclists don’t mind shelling out the extra bit of capital for them. Also crafted into a variety of cycling accessories.

Things such as water bottle holders and tire pumps are all made of carbon fiber. Therefore, these are excellent choices for cyclists who want to have the most lightweight equipment possible.

5. Watercraft

Carbon fiber has been used to create and enhance all sorts of watercraft. From carbon fiber jet skis to speedboats and sailboats, carbon fiber is a favorite material among watermen.

Making watercraft is one of the most common nonautomotive uses for carbon fiber. Pleasure crafts and luxury yachts are two common high-end carbon fiber luxury products.

Many essential components of luxury yachts and pleasure craft are made out of carbon fiber. Next time you spend some time on a boat, try identifying all of the carbon fiber products on board.

Carbon Fiber Is the Future

As the world continues to turn, carbon fiber products will continue to become more diverse and creative. For now, you can enjoy all of the current options available to the modern consumer.

So, if you have a dream carbon fiber product you want to turn into reality, try contacting us today to see how feasible this will be!

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