The Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Prosthetic

Sciences in prosthetic augmentation have advanced over the years, giving amputees the strength and hope they need to carry on. As time went on, we’ve come from simple plastic limbs to being close to implementing robotics. Now, carbon fiber prosthetics will make lives that much easier for those who have lost their limbs. Over the […]

The Role of Carbon Fiber in Aerospace Materials

Space and aerospace industries were among the first to utilize the profound abilities of carbon fiber. Over the decades, it has continued to replace other aerospace materials like aluminum and titanium for both structural and design purposes. Airplane parts like wings, for example, have experienced an increased demand for carbon fiber composites. This is because the use of […]

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Did you know that the carbon fiber market is predicted to grow from $4.7 billion to $13.3 billion from 2019 to 2029? It’s a lucrative material that’s popularly used across the world. But what exactly is this material? And what is it used for? Read on to find out. What Is Carbon Fiber? This material is also […]

How Medical Industries Use Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is everywhere. You may not notice it, but carbon fiber can be in your jewelry, your cell phone, and even in your luggage. Carbon fiber has even changed the way industries create their products. It’s a popular, cost-efficient material that is strong, durable, and lightweight. As a result, many industries look to carbon fiber as the best […]

How Aerospace Industries Use Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has become a staple in the aerospace and defense industry. There’s good reason for this. Carbon fiber is a powerful and versatile material with countless applications. While many people think of carbon fiber as a military tool, it has far more uses than that. In fact, carbon fiber is used throughout aerospace industries. From […]

How the Aerospace Industry Utilizes Carbon Fiber For Their Needs

Carbon Fiber is a modern material known for its lightweight and remarkable strength. Like many great things, it was discovered by accident. The synthesis of modern carbon fiber first occurred in 1958. A physicist named Roger Bacon was attempting a thermodynamics experiment with graphite when he accidentally found what appeared to be tiny bits of carbon […]

5 Top Reasons to Choose a Carbon Fiber Supplier for High End Products

Carbon fiber is leading the industry of high-end products because of its variability and beneficial factors. This revolutionary material can become the top leading material for automotive, tech, luxury products, and many other industries. It’s no wonder why many top leaders are changing over to carbon fiber suppliers! Interested in learning about carbon fiber products and what […]