What Is Carbon Fiber: 5 Exceptional Benefits

What is so special about carbon fiber? For starters, carbon fiber is about five times stronger than other metal counterparts. In addition, this material has low density, high stiffness, and high chemical resistance. So if you want to create better composite advanced technology with high-quality materials, it’s time to switch to carbon fiber. If you want to […]

4 Amazing Uses of Carbon Fiber Fabric in the Medical Industry

It’s commonly believed that Thomas Edison invented carbon fiber in the 1870s. Others claim it was invented in the 1850s, and still, others claim that it wasn’t truly invented until a century later. The truth is that there is some validity to each claim. The earliest experiments with carbon fiber may have taken place in the […]

Carbon Fiber Material in the Aerospace Industry: What to Know

The aerospace industry is constantly advancing. As such, any aerospace innovations require the highest quality resources available. Since its invention in 1958, the use of carbon fiber material has grown massively all over the world. It has several properties that make it suitable for many different applications. To understand what makes carbon fiber such a […]

5 Things Carbon Fiber Suppliers Want You To Know

The use of carbon fiber has risen across several industries. It’s particularly popular in automotive, aerospace, and medical manufacturing. Carbon fiber has a composition of carbon atoms bonded to one another to form a chain. It is unbelievably light, strong, and stiff. It’s even stronger than steel! Carbon fiber suppliers know all the ins and […]

Manufacturing of Composite Materials: Why Carbon Fiber is Best

Carbon fiber was first invented in Ohio in 1958. In the decades that followed its invention, it revolutionized the aerospace and medical industries as well as many others. Researchers have made great strides in the processes involved in the manufacturing of composite materials. This includes carbon fiber. Composite material manufacturing is a complicated process that […]