Top 10 Advances In Composites Manufacturing Technology

Did you know that some manufacturing plants are conducting most of their processes with robotic arms? Yes, the future is here. Today, there is more exciting technology and innovation in the manufacturing industry than ever. Robotics might be controversial, but the best manufacturers continue to adopt disruptive techniques. Let’s talk about some of the manufacturing […]

10 Surprising Composite Applications You May Not Know

Did you know that the U.S. global composites market is a $22.2 billion industry? Or that by 2022, the end-product market for these materials will reach a whopping $113.20 billion? That’s right! After all, the composite industry supplies materials to various other industries. From dental to sports, we have quite a long list of industries that […]

SMI Nominated for Georgia Manufacturer of the Year

The 25th Anniversary of the Manufacturing Appreciation Week (MAW) was April 15-18, 2019.  The appreciation week was developed by the Technical College System of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Economic Development. There are three categories for the award – large, 500 or more employees; medium, 150-500 employees; and small, 150 or fewer employees.  To qualify for the nomination, the […]

Then & Now: A Brief History of Composites Materials

What do you think of when someone mentions the words “composites materials?” Do cutting edge plastics cross your mind? Perhaps extra strength lightweight aerial and automobile materials? If rocks and mud pop into your mind, you’re not too far off. Or do you feel a little lost at the mention of “composites materials?” Let’s start […]

10 Surprising Examples of Composite Materials

10 Surprising Examples of Composite Materials Chances are they’re in your flooring, your walls, your car, and even your bathtub. They’re called composites. But what exactly are composites? What are their uses and why do they matter? If you’ve got these questions looming your mind or if you’d like some surprising examples of composite materials, then you’ve come […]

The Top 5 Carbon Fiber Uses in Sports

The Top 5 Carbon Fiber Uses in Sports How times have changed! Carbon fiber, one of the materials commonly used to make aircraft and car parts, is now gaining prominence in the sporting world. This material is also known as graphite fiber, and it is said to be the strongest metals on the planet. In […]

From Automobiles to Aerospace: A Booming Industry Overview for Composite Technologies

An Industry Overview for Composite Technologies The average human doesn’t contemplate applications used to serve daily needs but we owe it to composite materials to introduce itself with an industry overview The composites market will reach USD $130.83 Billion in 2024. It’s the backbone to most of the world’s most formative industries. As consumer and corporate interest […]