Engineering Jobs: What Does a Composites Engineer Do?

A lawyer could work on many different types of legal cases. A doctor could specialize in anything from cardiology to pediatrics. There are many different areas of specialty for an engineer too. There may be a plethora of high-quality engineering jobs. Some may even lead to management positions. Have you heard of composite engineering? Wondered what a […]

5 Cool Innovative Solutions Using Carbon Fiber

Innovative Solutions Did you know that the global carbon fiber market is expected to reach a value of nearly $6.4 billion in the next few years? The uses of carbon fiber as an innovative solution are almost endless. Even now, more and more innovation is occurring with this state-of-the-art material. Are you ready to explore […]

Georgia USA: Georgia GEAR ‘Supplier of the Year Award SMI Composites

SMI Composites, 2021 Supplier of the Year award winner, was featured on! Check out their blog and interview with our Executive VP Shane Morris below. One wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a company making high-end automotive “bling” in tiny Comer, Georgia, population 1,126. Yet that is exactly the community that one of Georgia’s GEAR […]

What Are the Perks of High Level Executive Jobs in Manufacturing?

  Do you need a better-paying, more challenging, and fulfilling career? The present moment is a great time to pursue an executive job in composite manufacturing. This growing, lucrative field is the opportunity you need to give yourself and your family a better life. Take a look at these top executive perks in the composite manufacturing industry. 1. […]

Why is Carbon Fiber Popular When Building Luxury Automobiles?

High-end luxury vehicles derive their value from the quality of their craftsmanship. They combine the highest caliber engineering, manufacturing, and materials possible. So it makes sense manufacturers of luxury automobiles would integrate carbon fiber into their cutting-edge supercars. But what makes carbon fiber so popular when it comes to building luxury cars? To find out, […]

How Is Carbon Fiber Filament Produced? What to Know

At SMI Composites, we use high-quality materials such as carbon fiber filaments. Professionals utilize this strong material for manufacturing and 3D printing. Using this material allows us to produce the finest end products. Carbon fiber filament is stiffer and lighter than steel. Request a quote if you’re interested in using this composite for your engineering projects. It’s […]