How the Aerospace Industry Utilizes Carbon Fiber For Their Needs

Carbon Fiber is a modern material known for its lightweight and remarkable strength. Like many great things, it was discovered by accident. The synthesis of modern carbon fiber first occurred in 1958. A physicist named Roger Bacon was attempting a thermodynamics experiment with graphite when he accidentally found what appeared to be tiny bits of carbon […]

5 Top Reasons to Choose a Carbon Fiber Supplier for High End Products

Carbon fiber is leading the industry of high-end products because of its variability and beneficial factors. This revolutionary material can become the top leading material for automotive, tech, luxury products, and many other industries. It’s no wonder why many top leaders are changing over to carbon fiber suppliers! Interested in learning about carbon fiber products and what […]

5 Surprising Carbon Fiber Products

In 1958 scientists outside of Cleveland Ohio invented the ultra-durable substance of carbon fiber. Since that day carbon fiber has been made into a variety of unique products. Carbon fiber products are light and durable. They have revolutionized the automotive, tech, sports, and defense industries among many others. What can carbon fiber be used for? Pretty […]

Intro to Carbon Fiber Weaves

Fiberglass is the “workhorse” of the composite industry. It’s used in a ton of applications due to its strength and low costs. However, other fibers are utilized when there’s a need for something a little more. Carbon fiber weaves are a great option for their low weight, high stiffness and conductivity, and appearance. Aerospace, sporting […]

The Pros and Cons of Carbon Fiber Rings

It’s neither animal, vegetable nor mineral. It is stronger and lighter than steel and terrifically difficult to set on fire. Of course, we’re talking about the wonder that is carbon fiber. However, we’re veering away from the traditional narrative of how important it is in space exploration and focusing a little closer to home. Why […]