How It’s Made: The Art of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

There’s nothing like carbon fiber. Carbon fiber manufacturing is a unique method and fascinating when explored in greater detail. To learn all about carbon fiber, continue reading below. The Lowdown on Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Like other materials, quality carbon fiber starts with a base component: polyacrylonitrile (PAN). 90% of carbon fibers are made out of that. […]

The List of Composite Materials: Natural Composites That Are Commonly Used

There are lots of different types of composite materials, but what is a composite material? A composite material is a simple combination of two or more materials, usually with different properties used across various industries. So, read on for a list of composite materials and to learn more about them. List of Composite Materials Composite materials are […]

Woven Carbon Fiber: An Evolution of Practical Applications

Strong, light, and stiff, woven carbon fiber has been used within manufacturing for many years. Woven carbon fiber comprises carbon fiber forerunners such as rayon and polyacrylonitrile (PAN) chemically heated, treated, stretched, and carbonized. Therefore, creating high-strength fibers that are popular with engineers and designers within the manufacturing world. Let’s examine this substance in more […]