How Strong Is Carbon Fiber? A Closer Look

  Carbon fiber’s been used in countless materials and products since the late 1800s. With such longevity comes incredible durability and strength. But how strong is carbon fiber actually? And what makes it so strong? That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about carbon fibers and how strong […]

The Ultimate Guide to Carbon Fiber Composite

The carbon fiber industry is projected to grow from an estimated value of 3.7 billion dollars to 8.9 billion by 2031. That’s over double within a decade! Carbon fiber composites were quite expensive and associated mostly with the aerospace and automobile industry. Therefore, now they are becoming widely used, this is in part due to […]

Top 5 Important Uses of Carbon Fiber Sheets

Did you know carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel? Carbon fibers make up more than 90% carbon content. It is mainly known for its’ high tensile strength, high stiffness, and low density. Due to its high strength and density, carbon fiber sheets have a wide variety of uses in the manufacturing world. It’s […]

Carbon Fiber Weave: A Quick Guide

Did you know that the carbon fiber weave has been around since the early 1960s? This single material that can be used to make car components, prosthetic limbs, and help you build the finest aircraft has seen use in a growing number of industries for almost 60 years! If you want to know more about this material […]

What Are the Different Types of Carbon Fibers?

Carbon fibers are constantly evolving. Even to the point where using carbon fiber materials in manufacturing is more affordable. That’s why we should jump into adopting graphite fiber (carbon fiber) materials now. But first, we need to understand the various materials and weaves available. This carbon fiber guide covers various types of carbon fiber, applications, […]

What Are the Uses of Carbon Fiber?

The carbon fiber market is expected to reach a value of over $2.3 billion by 2025. The exponential value and growth are due to the material’s various applications. What are the uses of carbon fiber to make it so important? Throughout this carbon fiber guide, you’ll learn about the benefits of using this material. After […]

Fiberglass vs. Carbon Fiber: What Are the Differences?

Despite global interruptions, analysts predict the fiberglass market will grow from $18 million in 2021 to $25 million in 2028. However, experts believe carbon fiber will increase more than its counterpart. However, that brings us to the following question based on the data above. Fiberglass vs. carbon fiber (CF), which one’s better for most applications? […]

How the Medical Industry Utilizes Carbon Fiber

Want to know about one of the unsung heroes of the medical industry? Carbon fiber has made its way into everyday medical practice. It transforms the lives of a wide variety of patients, making it easier for them to recover from injuries and resume their daily lives. But how does the medical industry use carbon […]

SMI Composites Supplier of the Year 2021 – Georgia GEAR Award Winner

2021 GEAR Awards On December 8th, 2021 SMI Composites was awarded Supplier of the Year by the Georgia Department of Economic Development. This award recognizes the innovation and advancement of technologies within the state’s automotive and mobility industries. The Georgia Department of Economic Development wrote, “Georgia’s existing automotive companies continue to push the mobility industry […]