Composite Manufacturing: The Manufacturing of Composite Materials

The manufacturing of composite materials is changing the landscape of the industry. How? Manufacturers are coming up with new ways to use composites in a range of products. Composite manufacturing for transportation, energy, and water will get a boost after the US Senate passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, according to the American Composites Manufacturers Association. […]

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing: How It’s Made

In recent years, the medical industry has discovered several critical ways to utilize carbon fiber products in its field. Many carbon-fiber uses make it a viable contender with metals such as titanium or steel for surgical implants. For all its uses, however, many medical professionals don’t understand the carbon fiber manufacturing process. As such, they don’t comprehend […]

The Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Prosthetic

Sciences in prosthetic augmentation have advanced over the years, giving amputees the strength and hope they need to carry on. As time went on, we’ve come from simple plastic limbs to being close to implementing robotics. Now, carbon fiber prosthetics will make lives that much easier for those who have lost their limbs. Over the […]

The Role of Carbon Fiber in Aerospace Materials

Space and aerospace industries were among the first to utilize the profound abilities of carbon fiber. Over the decades, it has continued to replace other aerospace materials like aluminum and titanium for both structural and design purposes. Airplane parts like wings, for example, have experienced an increased demand for carbon fiber composites. This is because the use of […]