The Top Selling Advantages of Carbon Fiber Luggage

carbon fiber luggage

Parts of your car or your bicycle may be made out of it. Your phone case may be made out of it. You might even have a ring made from it.

It’s carbon fiber, a synthetic material that has found a variety of uses since its introduction in the late 1950s. You have likely encountered it before in your everyday life.

It’s strong, lightweight, versatile, and stylish. That’s why it’s used in travel gear too. Carbon fiber luggage is suitable for any trip, big or small. Here’s why.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a material made from long strings of molecules held together by carbon.

Each manufacturer will have its own method of making carbon fiber, but generally speaking, the fiber is spun with a base component. Usually, this is polyacrylonitrile (PAN), but sometimes petroleum pitch or rayon is used.

The fibers are then stabilized by heating them to high temperatures. Then they get heated at even higher temperatures with an oxygen-free gas mixture. The final result is carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Baggage Can Look Lavish

Carbon fiber has a distinctly upscale look, created when the fibers are spun. A plain weave pattern is common in the final product. A plain weave pattern has a checkerboard appearance.

However, other weave patterns are possible. A twill weave pattern is a common sight, with the weave consisting of 2×2 or 4×4 patterns where the carbon fiber threads pass over and under two threads. Other popular patterns are fish weave, harness satin, and custom weaves.

Carbon fiber is black by default. But when combined with other materials, like aramid or a paintable epoxy, it’s possible to add color to it.

So it’s possible to have a luxurious piece of luggage with the distinctive woven pattern of carbon fiber, accented with color. Carbon fiber products don’t have to be solid black. With carbon fiber, you can have an unmistakable piece of luggage.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Carbon fiber is the perfect blend of lightweight and durable. For example, the aerospace industry uses 30% of the carbon fiber produced.

But it’s also used in other important industries. Carbon fiber has found use in both the medical and military industries. Its strength and light weight have made it an ideal choice for prosthetics and combat helmets.

That’s why carbon fiber is perfect for luggage. It’s more durable than traditional cloth luggage but lighter than metal luggage. It also won’t rust or corrode in water.

Carbon fiber luggage will protect important documents, expensive clothes, and any other goods someone might travel with, without the need to haul heavy luggage, vulnerable luggage around.

Looking to Create Your Own Carbon Fiber Luggage?

If you’re looking to incorporate carbon fiber into your net design challenge, SMU Composites can help. The SMI Composites family is a global network of manufacturers that serves multiple industry sectors. We can help you with your plans for manufacturing carbon fiber luggage.

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you with your next project.

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