What Is Carbon Fiber: 5 Exceptional Benefits

what is carbon fiber

What is so special about carbon fiber?

For starters, carbon fiber is about five times stronger than other metal counterparts. In addition, this material has low density, high stiffness, and high chemical resistance. So if you want to create better composite advanced technology with high-quality materials, it’s time to switch to carbon fiber.

If you want to know more, read on to learn more about what is carbon fiber and its benefits.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a very versatile substance. The use of this sleek compound is usually for a series of high-performance purposes. It’s a material known for its superior durability and stiffness as opposed to its density.

The fabrication usage of carbon fiber is from a composite of precursors, like pitch, rayon, and polyacrylonitrile. Carbon fiber composition costs are lower, and experts expect an outburst over many companies.

Uncertain about using carbon fiber? Here are five exceptional benefits of carbon fiber that may change your mind:

1. The Stiffness

Carbon fiber features an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio of about twice lower than aluminum. As a result, carbon fiber fabric gives average or high stiffness that’s twice stiffer than usual carbon fiber materials.

Moreover, if exposed to pressure in any course, it allows 90% stiffness at the given direction. However, it’s not possible with steel or aluminum due to the one-direction form that features stable strength.

2. Carbon Fiber Won’t Rust

Most matters react to water and air, which either oxidize or break down the material. On the other hand, carbon fiber texture is non-reactive and durable, even if submersed in water.

Therefore, it’s an ideal alternative for steel in situations of excessive condensation. In addition, when using carbon fiber, there’s no need for costly anti-corrosion procedures or frequent re-painting.

3. Fitting For Any Application

Besides its wide use in the high-class car industries, carbon fiber is in every domain. Hikers prefer its lightweight features in tents, backpacks, and drones. So it’s no surprise if carbon fiber is also in a musical instrument, emergency room, luxury RV, or your next bicycle.

In reality, carbon fiber has fabricated products for most purposes. For example, did you ever lift your furniture and wish it to be more lightweight? You’re not alone, and carbon-fiber furniture is beginning to improve and advance.

4. Carbon Fiber is Light

A carbon fiber-supported plastic isn’t any heavier than non-reinforced plastic. However, if compared to hard metal, the weight decrease is around 90%.

Carbon fiber is more volatile than aluminum and titanium. With carbon fiber being so light, a company can remodel a seventy-pound steel vehicle hood to weigh seven pounds.

5. Resistive to Chemicals

Carbon fiber is a mixture of polymer matrix and an epoxy resin formula. Epoxy is a two-way chemical result of a hardener and a resin. This epoxy is what makes carbon fiber so resistant to acids, alcohols, and other chemicals.

If already cured, epoxy is a heat-set that won’t revert to its previous components. Instead, it becomes a high chemical-resistant synthetic that will not melt or dissolve.

Start Using Carbon Fiber Today!

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