What Is Carbon Fiber?

carbon fiber

Did you know that the carbon fiber market is predicted to grow from $4.7 billion to $13.3 billion from 2019 to 2029? It’s a lucrative material that’s popularly used across the world.

But what exactly is this material? And what is it used for? Read on to find out.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

This material is also known as graphite fiber. It’s a polymer that’s very popular because not only is it very strong, but it’s also lightweight at the same time.

In fact, this material is significantly stronger than steel. And it’s much stiffer as well. Add all these factors up, and this is why it’s used in manufacturing across various industries.

Carbon fiber is made up of crystalline filaments. What’s amazing about it is that each strand is even thinner than your hair. But when twisted together, this is where it gets its strength, much like how twine gets its strength.

It was first discovered in 1879 by Thomas Edison, who used carbon fiber filaments in his lightbulbs.

How Is It Made?

Carbon fiber is made by taking the strands of organic polymers and heating them up. Care is taken so they aren’t heated to the point of combustion. This is done in an environment free of oxygen.

Once the fibers reach a certain temperature, carbonization happens, which is when non-carbon atoms are expelled from the fibers. As a result, the fiber is left with strong chains of carbon atoms throughout.

What Is It Used For?

Now that you know what carbon fiber is and how it’s made, what is it used for? The most fantastic thing about the material is that it can be used in a wide variety of applications across differing industries.

For example, carbon fiber is very popular in the automotive industry.

A carbon fiber hood reduces the weight of vehicles and improves both velocity and fuel efficiency. A wrap also protects car exteriors from damage. You’ll also find this material on automotive drive shafts.

The material is also commonly used in the aircraft industry. You’ll find it on the wings and propeller blades.

Another area that heavily uses this material is the sports industry. Things like running shoes, bike frames, golf clubs, tennis rackets, archery bows and arrows, and softball bats all have some components that have carbon fiber on them.

Lastly, this material is used for tubing, which is needed in numerous applications.

Is Carbon Fiber Right for Your Company?

As you can see, this product is a fantastic material that practically any industry can use. Whether it’s to make a strong wallet or even a bike, there are so many applications your business can use this durable material for.

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