What’s New in the Aerospace Industry? 3 Important Developments That Have Everyone Talking in 2020

aerospace industry

The aerospace industry has been making strides every day to improve everything about modern-day aircraft. Starting with the outside of the aircraft and workings its way into the inner workings of the aircraft.

As time continues, the trends that are beginning to emerge are becoming more and more advanced. If you’re looking to stay on top of what’s next to come, you’ve come to the right place. Before you’ve completed this post, you’re going to have what you need to know about what’s next to come.

1. Zero-Fuel Aircrafts

If you’re flying a Boenig 747, you’re using about a gallon of fuel every second. And this is precisely why aerospace manufacturing is thinking about the zero-fuel option. They’re doing this to look for ways to cut back on the amount of fuel they use to complete their job daily. For a while, the idea of zero-fuel aircraft has been a topic of discussion, and it will soon become more than just a talked about concept.

The way that it will work is, there will be panels known as photovoltaic panels on the aircraft. Using these panels, the aircraft will harness solar energy and use that to power the aircraft’s engines.

Not only will this cut down on the fuel that’s used, but it’ll also make the aircraft lighter than it currently is.

2. Additive Manufacturing

The next trend on the table is additive manufacturing. To clarify, that’s taking metal pieces essential to the aircraft doing its job and making them lighter in weight. Engineers are looking into consolidating parts as a part of the lighter material process.

Not only will this save time on scheduled maintenance that all aircraft undergo. But it will also cut down on the amount of time that it takes to manufacture these parts and get them delivered.

The thing that’s making this developing trend tricky is finding enough technicians. Technicians that have the specialized skills it takes to create these lighter aircraft pieces.

3. Autonomy Systems

The concept of autonomy isn’t just apparent in the aerospace industry; in fact, it’s becoming common in quite a few other industries as well. The concept of autonomy focuses on one day having aircraft that can be flown without the presence of a full flight crew.

As the years continue to progress, you can expect to see flights being completed in full autonomy, much like the function of drones used today.

Aerospace Industry: 2020 and Beyond

When it comes to the aerospace industry, we must stay up to speed with emerging trends. Also, how they will affect the way that aircraft run today. Not only can you expect to see more autonomous flights, but you can also get ready for zero-fuel aircraft to become more than just a working concept.

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